Bridges to Success

The program is open to applicants of all backgrounds

At the heart of academic excellence lies the power of diversity and the spirit of inclusion.

Our "Bridges to Success: Peer Mentorship for Equity" program embodies this ethos, offering a transformative mentorship experience that champions equity in scholarship opportunities.

Our mission is to dismantle barriers and build bridges of opportunity, fostering a supportive academic landscape where every aspiring scholar who has faced significant challenges or obstacles can thrive, regardless of their background.  We focus on identifying and supporting aspiring scholars who have demonstrated resilience, overcome adversity, and have the potential to thrive academically. By providing opportunities based on individual circumstances and needs, we aim to create a diverse and inclusive community of scholars where every participant has an equal chance to succeed based on their own merits and determination.

By pairing prospective SASI program participants (potential applicants) aka mentees with empathetic past program participants from SASI and Stanford faculty aka mentors who share similar backgrounds and understandings, we create a nurturing environment where potential is recognized, voices are heard, and dreams are nurtured.

Join us in our commitment to creating a more inclusive, diverse, and empowered academic community.

Our program is fully committed to complying with the United States Supreme Court's June 2023 decision regarding the use of race-based criteria in college admissions and related programs.  We aim to ensure that "Bridges to Success" remains a fair and inclusive program that provides life-changing opportunities to deserving individuals from all backgrounds.

"We aim to bridge dreams to reality, nurturing diversity into academic success.

Program Description


The "Bridges to Success: Peer Mentorship for Equity" program is a beacon of diversity and inclusion, designed to illuminate the path to academic success and is open to applicants of all backgrounds. Our initiative is more than a program; it's a commitment to cultivating an environment where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated.


Our goal is to level the playing field in the scholarship application process. By guiding and empowering potential scholars who have overcome adversity or challenges, we aim to transform potential into success, ensuring that every applicant has a fair chance to achieve their academic dreams based on their individual merits and experiences.

Mentorship Model

Each mentee is paired with a mentor whose experiences with overcoming obstacles resonate with their own. This model goes beyond academic guidance, fostering a relationship built on empathy, shared experiences of resilience, and mutual respect, ensuring a deeply impactful and supportive journey.

Support and Resources

We provide an array of resources to our participants. From detailed workshops on completing the SASI applications to practical advice on essay writing and interview techniques, our support is comprehensive. We also offer guidance on navigating the tuition assistance application, demystifying the process and empowering our participants with knowledge.

Community Building

Our program thrives on the strength of its community. We foster a robust network of current and past participants, creating a supportive ecosystem. This network is not just a resource but a community of encouragement, advice, and enduring support that extends far beyond the program itself.

Evaluation and Growth

Continuous improvement is at the core of our philosophy. We actively seek feedback from our participants, using their experiences to refine and evolve our program. This iterative process ensures that we remain adaptive and responsive to the needs of our community, always striving to better serve our participants.

SASI transformed my journey, turning challenges into stepping stones for achievement.

Now as a Co-lead of Bridges, I witness daily how mentorship can unlock potential and inspire excellence.

Benefits to Applicants who Participate in "Bridges to Success"

Fee Waivers and Allocated Tuition Support

Participants in our program benefit from tangible financial support. Application fees are waived for all mentees, and those accepted into the SASI program will receive tuition support, pending verification of financial need. Applicants in our Bridges to Success program benefit from a funding allocation that allows full support of financial needs, including housing and transportation (if indicated). This financial assistance is pivotal in reducing the barriers to higher education, making academic dreams more accessible. 

Culturally Relevant Mentorship

At the core of our program is the culturally relevant mentorship, where mentees are paired with mentors who not only understand their academic journey but also their cultural and personal backgrounds. This tailored approach ensures that each mentee receives support that resonates deeply with their individual experiences.

Navigational Support

Our mentors provide comprehensive guidance through every step of the scholarship application process. From understanding complex application requirements to crafting compelling essays, our mentees receive expert advice and insights, easing the journey through the often-daunting landscape of academic applications.

Empowerment and Confidence Building

The program is designed to do more than just guide; it empowers. Participants emerge with enhanced confidence, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate their academic and professional paths. This newfound confidence is a testament to the program’s impact on their personal and academic growth.

Community and Networking

Being part of 'Bridges to Success' means joining a vibrant community. Our network of current and past mentees, mentors, and program alumni opens doors to invaluable networking opportunities. This community provides a platform for ongoing support, collaboration, and professional growth, extending well beyond the program itself.

Unique Affordances


Applications from All Welcome

We welcome applications from all individuals, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Tuition assistance, application fee waivers, and additional support are available based on each applicant's demonstrated financial need and individual circumstances.

  • Tuition assistance available for all programs
  • Application fee waiver for all programs
  • Housing and transportation assistance, if needed and required for participation


International Non-Citizens

  • Virtual Program participation enabled
  • Tuition assistance for Virtual program
  • Application fee waiver for Virtual program

Program Participation, DACA and International Applicants

At "Bridges to Success: Peer Mentorship for Equity," we welcome a diverse range of participants, including those who are undocumented, DACAmented* and other non-citizens. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of citizenship status, should have equal access to mentorship and educational opportunities.

We welcome applications from all individuals, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Tuition assistance, application fee waivers, and additional support are available based on each applicant's demonstrated financial need and individual circumstances.

International Participants

  • While we value global diversity, currently, our resources do not extend to support visa sponsorship and international travel for participants.
  • However, we encourage international applicants to engage in our program through virtual participation. This allows us to extend our mentorship and resources beyond geographical boundaries, ensuring that everyone has access to our supportive network and educational tools.

Inclusivity and Support

  • Our commitment is to create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.
  • We respect the privacy and circumstances of each individual and are dedicated to providing support that transcends barriers.

Through these measures, "Bridges to Success" aims to be a program that not only recognizes but actively supports the rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences that each participant brings, offering a platform for growth and learning irrespective of one's citizenship status or geographic location.

*On this site we use the words undocumented, DACAmented, DREAMers and mixed status to try to encapsulate the entire community. If we specifically refer to DACAmented it is because there are certain opportunities or requirements for that sub-community.

Key Points


Application Process

  1. First Step - Screening    
    1. First complete screening application.
    2. If accepted, will be matched with mentor.
  2. Second Step - SASI Application
    1. Work with your mentor to complete SASI application.
    2. You may apply for any of the four deadlines, ED1, ED2, RD1, RD2.
    3. Application Fee waiver is provided.
    4. If accepted, you will be provided with tuition assistance.


Application Deadlines


  • Rolling Acceptance into the Bridges to Success program
    • Note: Acceptance into Bridges to Success does not guarantee acceptance to the SASI summer program
  • Apply at least 4 weeks before the SASI application deadline

Application Process

Two-Step Application Process

Joining the "Bridges to Success: Peer Mentorship for Equity" program involves a structured two-step application process, designed to ensure the best fit between mentors and mentees.

  1. Step 1: Screening Application for the Program

    • Access and Complete the Screening Application: Start by filling out the screening application form available at [Bridges to Success Screening Application Link]. This initial application helps us understand your background, needs, and aspirations.
    • Submit the Screening Application: After completing the form, submit your application. We will review your submission to determine your eligibility for the program.
  2. Step 2: Mentor Matching and Guided Application Process

    • Notification of Acceptance: If accepted into the "Bridges to Success" program, you will receive a notification via email.
    • Mentor Matching: Upon acceptance, we will proceed to match you with a suitable mentor who aligns with your educational goals and background.
    • Guided Application Process: With your mentor's support, you can then complete the application for the SASI program. Your mentor will guide you through every step, offering personalized advice and insights.

Application Deadlines

  • Aligning with SASI Deadlines: While you undergo the mentorship and application process, you can choose to complete your application by any of the existing SASI deadlines: Early Decision 1 (ED1), Early Decision 2 (ED2), Regular Decision 1 (RD1), or Regular Decision 2 (RD2).
  • No Application Fee: There will be no application fee for participants applying through the "Bridges to Success" program.


The two-step process is designed to ensure comprehensive support and mentorship for every participant. If you have any questions or need assistance at any stage of the application process, please feel free to contact us at