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Educational Excellence

SASI participants gain the confidence, skills, and clarity needed to excel at the nation’s top colleges and unlock their brightest futures.

Discover Their Calling

At the Stanford Anesthesia Summer Institute (SASI), we believe every student has untapped potential ready to be unlocked. For over a decade, our highly selective summer programs have provided the spark that ignites passion and possibility in students across the country and around the world.

Under the guidance of Stanford Medicine faculty, SASI participants embark on a transformative journey of hands-on academic exploration, leadership development, and healthcare education. They gain the confidence, skills, and clarity needed to excel at the nation's top colleges and unlock their brightest futures.

We invite you to discover how SASI can shape your students into tomorrow's changemakers. Empower them to reach new heights this summer.

Our Programs

  • 2-week immersive on-campus experience
  • Comprehensive introduction to clinical medicine and healthcare
  • Interactive simulations, hands-on labs, patient interactions
  • Guidance on a real-world capstone project from Stanford faculty
  • 1-week accelerated program focused on clinical skills
  • Intensive training in advanced procedures and techniques
  • Immersive simulations and expert-led workshops
  • Complex patient case studies and evaluations
  • 2-week interactive virtual program
  • Foundational knowledge and virtual simulations
  • Live sessions with faculty and collaboration with peers
  • Networking and Q&A with Stanford healthcare professionals



  • Through SASI, my son gained maturity, independence, and clarity on his future goals. The program was truly transformative.

SASI alumni embark on their college journeys with the focus, maturity, and self-assurance needed to thrive at even the most selective universities across the globe. Our students are primed to take on leadership roles, tackle demanding academics, and make meaningful contributions on campus and beyond.

The vast majority of SASI graduates report gaining valuable skills, experiences, and direction to excel in higher education. Many continue on to pursue competitive medical, graduate, and professional programs, building upon their strong foundation.

Since our first program in 2017, SASI participants have carried their passion forward to achieve success at prestigious institutions around the world.

Where Are They Now?

College Journeys After SASI

  • Stanford University
  • Duke University
  • Johns Hopkins
  • UC Berkeley
  • University of Oxford
  • UCLA
  • Yale University
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
SASI: Fostering Inclusive Excellence.

The SASI Difference

The Unparalleled SASI Experience

What sets the Stanford Anesthesia Summer Institute (SASI) apart is the truly immersive, holistic experience we provide to our dedicated students. Our highly selective summer programs open doors that few others can match. 

Patient Partnerships

SASI offers invaluable opportunities to work directly with patients as partners in healthcare. Students collaborate with patients on capstone projects, receive instruction from expert patients, and gain firsthand exposure to patient perspectives.

Access to Stanford's Renowned Network

By training right alongside Stanford Medicine students at state-of-the-art facilities, SASI participants tap directly into the expertise and connections of Stanford's world-class faculty and healthcare network. Our programs provide invaluable knowledge.

Transformational Mentorship

With our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, every SASI student receives individualized mentorship and guidance from our hand-picked team of talented Stanford professors, healthcare experts, and personnel. Our faculty nurture each student's potential.

Leadership and Personal Growth

SASI programs provide opportunities to strengthen vital skills like confidence, communication, critical thinking, time management, and teamwork. Students lead capstone projects, give presentations before their peers, and work collaboratively.

Vibrant Student Life

By fully immersing themselves in Stanford's one-of-a-kind campus culture through housing activities, outdoor adventures, sports, dining, and more, SASI students flourish both academically and personally. The complete experience allows participants to thrive.

DIVERSITY OF PERSPECTIVES: 30 Countries and 26 States

Resources for Advisors

Supporting Your Students' Success

At SASI, we understand the vital role advisors play in guiding students to transformative opportunities. That's why we offer tailored support to empower you in nurturing your students' journey with us:

SASI Advisor Information Kit: This comprehensive kit provides insights into our programs, outcomes data, testimonials, and a detailed profile of what makes our programs unique.

Application Consultation: Our Stanford program staff are available to answer any questions about the SASI application process and provide guidance to match promising students with the right internship program in our porfolio.

Financial Aid Support: We provide information on all available payment plans and tuition assistance programs to make SASI accessible.

Student Progress Updates: During and after the program, we provide updates on each student's journey, outcomes and growth to inform how they are progressing in our program.

Post-Program College Counseling: We offer continued advice on translating our SASI experience into college applications and essays.

Lifetime Alumni Community: Advisors remain part of the SASI network, connecting with alumni who are thriving at top universities.

We aim to make your experience as an advisor deeply rewarding by providing the resources you need to propel your students to success. Please reach out any time!

Get in Touch

For quick questions, feel free to use the form below and we'll respond within 1 business day. To discuss your student's needs in more depth, you can also request a meeting or phone call. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Ready to help your students unlock their potential with SASI? Reach out and one of our knowledgeable program advisors will be happy to answer any questions and provide guidance on the application process.