Didactic Education Program


At the start of the residency in July, there are 3 weeks of an intensive CA1 lecture schedule dealing with basic considerations in anesthesia. For the rest of the year, CA1 residents attend their own weekly CA1 lecture program dealing with general anesthesia topics. Each resident class attends the lecture on a separate day. An interactive, resident-led session involving project-based learnings/case discussions/M & M/board question review begins at 16:00. A formal talk by a faculty member follows.

Specialty Tracks Available to Stanford Anesthesiology Residents

CA-1 Introduction to Anesthesia Lecture Series - Sample Schedule

July 10 Basics of Professional Conduct/Tips  
July 11 Preoperative Evaluation and Choice Of Anesthetic Technique 9
July 12 Anesthesia Systems 11
July 17 Positioning and Associated Risks 15
July 18

Autonomic Nervous System

Problem-Based Learning Discussion 

July 19 Pharmacologic Principles 2
July 24 Inhalational Anesthetics 4
July 25

Intravenous Anesthetics and Opioids

Problem-Based Learning Discussion

July 26 Local Anesthetics 7
July 31

Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia

Airway Management and Tracheal Intubation

Aug 1 Problem-Based Learning Discussion 12
Aug 2 Introperative Monitoring 16
Aug 8

Neuromuscular Blocking Agents

Problem-Based Learning Discussion


Example Lecture Schedule

Premedication and Anxiolysis
Pre Op I
Pre Op II
Use and Safety of Neuraxial Anesthesia in the OR
Pediatric Airway Management
Management of the Difficult Airway
So you want to publish in A&A?
Anesthesia In Remote Locations
Conscious Sedation and Monitored Anesthesia Care
Joint "Ethics in the OR" session with senior residents on Oct. 25th
MAC and Pharmacodynamics of Inhaled Anesthetics
Care for Patients with Previous Transplantation
NO LECTURE - Mock Oral Exams
NO LECTURE - Thanksgiving Week
The Anesthesiologist as a Consultant in Codes & Medical Emergencies
Circuit, Machines and use of the Virtual Anesthesia Machine
Regional Anesthesia Upper Extremity
Regional Anesthesia Lower Extremity
NO LECTURE - Holiday Week
NO LECTURE - Holiday Week
Pulmonary Physiology and Anatomy
Cardiac Physiology
Sick Patients--Invasive Monitoring and Cardiorespiratory Concerns
Non-cardiac Surgery and Heart Disease
Control of Acute Pain
Fluid Therapy, Crystalloid or Colloid
Perioperative Care of Trauma Patients
Perioperative Care of Burn Patients
Research Opportunities in Anesthesia Residency
Transfusion Management
OB: Normal Labor and Delivery
OB: Physiology of Pregnancy
NO LECTURE - Lottery
OB: High Risk Situations, C-section, Aspiration
What Actually Happens During an On-pump CABG Operation?
Off-pump CABG and Post Op Care
Intravenous Agents
Minimizing Perioperative Morbidity--What Improves Outcomes?
NO LECTURE - Mock Oral Exams
Care of Surgical Patients--The Surgeon's Perspective
Peds: General Anesthesia
Peds: Preop
Peds: Regional Anesthesia and Post-op Care
Pharmacokinetics of Inhaled Anesthetics