Editorial Support Services


The Department of Pathology provides copy and substantive editing on a contractual, first-come, first served basis with a grants editor who has a PhD and specializes in editing scientific projects. The Department pays for editorial services to support department projects, so no fee is charged to the individual project.

Learn more about the services offered and how to submit your work below.

About the Editor

Diane Durnam, PhD, edits a variety of documents ranging from manuscripts and grant applications to preclinical reports and web pages. Clarity, consistency, and concision are her specialties. 

Dr. Durnam has a PhD in biochemistry, and her scientific background frequently allows her to serve as fresh pair of eyes that can flag potential inconsistencies in logic, redundancies, scientific inconsistencies, or lack of scientific clarity.

Copy Editing and Substantive Editing

Two types of editing are available - copy editing and substantive editing.

Copy editing ensures that sentences are grammatically correct, and that words are spelled correctly. Copy editing also includes making sure terminology is used consistently, as well as other details.

Substantive editing includes all the copy editing steps and more. Substantive editing is on a deeper level with the aim of make the document easier to read by changing the structure of an individual sentence or by changing the flow of the material.

Typically it takes 4-6 hours for Dr. Durnam to do a substantive edit of a 12 page ROI application.


Please submit projects to ddurnam@gmail.com.

In your email, please include:

  • Stanford in the email title (to facilitate tracking)
  • Date you need the work returned
  • Copy Rachel Cowan on your email request: cowanr@stanford.edu

Dr. Durnam will let you know if she can accept the work, based on the other projects already received, and an approximate return date. Most projects include both copy editing and substantive editing. If you would like copy editing alone, please indicate that in your email.

Fees are charged by the hour and paid for by the Department of Pathology.