Research Support Services


The Department of Pathology provides support services for researchers. Visit the links below to find details about these resources.

Administration Services for Research

With over 40 Labs in operation, the Department of Pathology offers comprehensive administrative support to its researchers and laboratories.

Computational Services

SU-wide high performance computing managed by Stanford Research Computing Center. Accounts are free. There are 127 shared servers available to all researchers.

Editorial Services

The Department of Pathology provides copy and substantive editing on a contractual, first-come, first served basis with a grants editor who has a PhD and specializes in editing scientific projects.

Facilities & Support Services

The 8,180-acre Stanford campus—one of the largest in the United States—comprises ~700 major buildings which house 18 designated independent laboratories, centers, and institutes.

Graphic Services

Services offered range from illustrations and graphics for the latest papers published by faculty and principal investigators to online website creation, digital publications, and poster printing for conferences and presentations.

Quantitative Sciences Unit [QSU]

The Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU) is a unit of statistical scientists in the Department of Medicine who engage in interdisciplinary research.  QSU members collaborate on study design & analysis for medical studies.