LEAD, ARBC Anti-Racism Book Club

LEAD - Leadership Education in Advancing Diversity

The Stanford Medicine LEAD Program is a 10-month longitudinal leadership program for residents and fellows across GME to develop leadership and scholarship skills in addressing issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion (DEI), to produce leaders in academic medicine dedicated to DEI, and to improve the culture of medicine.

Our mission is to educate and empower the next generation of medical leaders to advance equity, diversity and inclusion.

Ali Lowe, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology
LEAD Mentor, Stanford Pathology

Phoebe Hammer, MD

Pathology Resident
LEAD Mentee, PGY-4

Gisele Toumi, MD

CP-1 Resident
LEAD Mentee, PGY4

Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) media club

Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) media club was started by members of the Stanford Department of Pathology in June 2020. It is a monthly virtual book/movie discussions centering minoritized voices and topics related to systemic racism, and is generally held on a Sunday afternoon.

The reason this is important for us as medical doctors, biomedical researchers, and trainees in particular, is that we will not be exposed to these voices/view points in our daily lives unless we actively seek them out. The goal is to help remedy our implicit biases, create a safe space for our colleagues to share their experiences, and increase our confidence discussing these topics so that we can be better upstanders/allies/advocates.

Ground rules:

  1. We come as equals. Every member has an equally valid and important voice. Titles and workplace hierarchy are left at the door.
  2. As we are all equal members in this endeavor, we will take turns volunteering to choose works and plan/host discussions.
  3. Debate and disagreement are encouraged, and we will maintain respect for eachother even if we disagree and will refrain from judgment of each other as individuals.
  4. Be yourself, say what comes to your mind, and don't be afraid to be "wrong" or make "mistakes". Personal stories and mistakes shared in this space will stay private. We will learn and grow together.
  5. You can still attend even if you didn't read/watch! You still have valuable thoughts and experiences to share that relate to the topic/theme. This is a no-guilt zone.

Summary of the books/movies/podcasts we've covered since the inception of the book club (2024 -2020)

December 2022

Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology

Author: Deirdre Cooper Owens
The accomplishments of pioneering doctors such as John Peter Mettauer, James Marion Sims, and Nathan Bozeman are well documented. It is also no secret that these nineteenth-century gynecologists performed experimental caesarean sections, ovariotomies, and obstetric fistula repairs primarily on poor and powerless women. Medical Bondage breaks new ground by exploring how and why physicians denied these women their full humanity yet valued them as “medical superbodies” highly suited for medical experimentation.

April 2022

Immigration Nation

Author: Netflix Series
With unprecedented access to ICE operations, as well as moving portraits of immigrants, this docuseries takes a deep look at US immigration today.

January 2022

1619 Project

Author: Nikole Hannah-Jones
The 1619 Project is a long-form journalism endeavor developed by Nikole Hannah-Jones, writers from The New York Times, and The New York Times Magazine focused on subjects of slavery and the founding of the United States.