Molecular Genetics

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Portrait of Helio Costa

Helio Costa, PhD

Instructor in Pathology (Genomics and Molecular Genetic Pathology),
and Medicine (Data Management Systems)

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Portrait of Christian Kunder,

Christian Kunder, MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology
(Surgical Pathology and Molecular Genetics Pathology)
Associate Director of Molecular Genetic Pathology Laboratory

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Portrait of Carlos Suarez

Carlos Suarez, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology (Genomics and Molecular Genetic Pathology)
Co-Director, Genetic Testing Consult Service at Stanford Healthcare
Associate Director, Molecular Genetic Pathology Laboratory
Associate Director, Molecular Pathology Fellowship Program

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Portrait of Kitchener Wilson

Kitchener Wilson, MD, PhD

Instructor in Pathology (Molecular Genetic Pathology)

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Portrait of James L. Zehnder

James L. Zehnder, MD

Professor of Pathology and Medicine (Hematology)
Director of Clinical Pathology
Director, Molecular Pathology Laboratory
Director, Coagulation Laboratory

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Portrait of Bing Zhang

Bing Zhang, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor (HLA and MGP)
Associate Perfomance Improvement Leader for Clinical Pathology & HLA

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