Stanford Pathology Staff

Leo Villareal, Buckyball, 2019

"Light is such a primal form. It's something... that we respond to in a deep way, almost like staring into a fire. It has this hypnotic quality that draws people to it"— Leo Villareal, 2016

Staff Personnel

Stephanie Garcia
Human Resources Associate
Tel: (650) 724-9484

Sochietta Kao
Associate Director of Human Resources and General Operations
Tel: (650) 724-4086

Chelsea Mwan'Zuzi
Human Resources Visa Specialist
Tel: (650) 723-2000

Kaela Quinto
Talent Development Coordinator
Tel: (650) 724-6820

Karla Rodriguez
Human Resources Generalist
Tel: (650) 736-7273

Jordone Shane-Sanchez, SHRM-SCP
Talent Development Partner
Tel: (650) 497-6208

Dorene Wong
Human Resources Associate
Tel: (650) 497-9846