The Whitlock Prize

Trainee/Junior Faculty Award in Pathology


The Whitlock Prize is awarded for promising clinical research performed at Stanford by a trainee or junior faculty member in the Department of Pathology. For the purposes of this award, clinical research is defined as scientific studies involving patients, clinical data, and/or diagnostic material, intended to produce generalizable knowledge for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of disease, or promotion of patient health outcomes. Clinical residents, fellows, and junior faculty (Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, and Clinical Instructor) who produce pathology research that is not otherwise funded are encouraged to apply. Faculty applying for the Whitlock prize should have at least 50% of their work effort be Clinical. Prize money will be placed in a Stanford fund that can be used by the awardee for research, clinical, or educational-related expenses. For trainees, the Department will follow GME requirements and guidelines for monetary awards allocated to trainees.

Eligibility: The prize may be awarded to clinical research that has been performed or published/presented in the current academic year. Research must have been performed at Stanford. Applicants for the Whitlock Prize must meet at least one of the following criteria for the current academic year:

  • Clinical research that has resulted in a manuscript that has been published or has been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.
  • Clinical research with a manuscript that has been submitted to a peer reviewed journal and is under review at the time of application.
  • Clinical research that has been presented at a national meeting (poster or platform) with a manuscript currently in progress and submitted with application.

Applicants should be either the first or last author of the manuscript. The award may be shared with middle authors (in the Department of Pathology) who contributed to the research and publication. Although an applicant may submit more than 1 publication for review, only 1 prize will be awarded per year to a single individual.


  1. Present research at a Department of Pathology meeting (examples include but are not limited to research retreat, faculty research lecture series, or AP/CP faculty meeting)
  2. Publish research (if not already published at the time of application)


Prize Levels: Any amount up to $3,000 per Award. Multiple awards may be granted each Academic Year depending on available funding and applications received. The prize amount awarded to trainees will meet GME requirements. 

Review Committee for Award Selection: Department of Pathology Clinical Committee

PLEASE NOTE: Trainees who have been selected for the Pathology Trainee Mentored Award by the Teaching and Training Committee are not eligible to apply for the Whitlock Prize for the same research.


To apply submit the following to for review by the Clinical Committee:

  • Cover letter:  Provide a brief summary of research and importance to the field.
  • CV
  • Manuscript published, accepted, or submitted for review
    • If research has been presented at a national meeting and manuscript is in progress, submit the draft manuscript and presentation (slide deck or poster)

For research performed by a trainee and a faculty (e.g., trainee is first author on manuscript and junior faculty is senior author), a single application may be submitted. 

Application Cycle: Application materials are due May 6, 2024.  The Clinical Committee will review applications and select recipients. Whitlock Prize Awardees will be announced at the Pathology End of the Year Celebration in June.