Stanford University Research Grants

Stanford Seed Funding

Stanford has numerous internal funding opportunities for faculty and their research teams, but it’s not always apparent where they all are, or how to apply. Our goal is to make it easy to find opportunities, despite the expansive nature of the university, and make it dead simple to apply. This service is part of a Dean of Research initiative to reduce the administrative burden incurred by faculty and their teams, and to afford them more time for our shared core mission of research and teaching.

To achieve this goal, Seed Funding is integrated with Stanford Profiles, via API. When you login to our website, information is automagically pulled from Stanford Profiles: basics like contact info, titles, etc. but also bio, current research interests, and other elements that commonly appear in application forms. Instead of re-keying your personal data for the umpteenth time that day, Seed Funding autofills this information so that you can spend time writing the more meaningful parts of your application.

Stanford University Research Grants in Medicine

The above are only a sampling of some of the grants offered

 For a complete and updated list of all research grants offered by Stanford University please click on the link below