Portrait of Gerald Berry

Gerald J. Berry, MD

Professor of Pathology


Portrait of David Bingham

David Bingham, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor in Pathology (Surgical Pathology & GI Pathology)


Portrait of Gregory Charville

Gregory Charville, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology (Surgical Pathology)


Portrait of John Higgins

John Higgins, MD

Professor of Pathology
Director, Anatomic and Clinical Residency Training Program
Co-Director, Post-Sophomore Fellowship in Pathology

Portrait of Maggie Lam, MD

Maggie Lam , MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology (Surgical Pathology & Cytopathology)
ValleyCare Medical Center


Portrait of Teri A. Longacre

Teri A. Longacre, MD

Professor of Pathology, Kempson Endowed Chair in Surgical Pathology
Director, Gynecologic Fellowship Program
Director, Gastrointestinal Fellowship Program
Director, Faculty Development & Diversity

Portrait of Dana Razzano

Dana Razzano, MD

Clinical Instructor, Pathology (Gastrointestinal, Surgical Pathology, & Cytopathology)


Portrait of Jeanne Shen

Jeanne Shen, MD

Assistant Professor of Pathology (Gastrointestinal)


Portrait of Cindy Wang, MD

Cindy Wang, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor in Pathology (Gastrointestinal)