Portrait of Thomas Montine

Thomas Montine, MD, PhD

(650) 723-7975

Assistant to the Chair

Portrait of Roomana Patel

Roomana Patel

(650) 725-9352

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs & Medical Director
and Chief of Service for Stanford Health Care

Portrait of Christina Kong

Christina Kong, MD

(650) 723-9016

Vice Chair for Education

Portrait of Kimberly Allison

Kimberly Allison, MD


Vice Chair for Research

Portrait of Paul Mischel

Paul Mischel, MD

(650) 721-8745

Vice Chair and Director of Finance
and Administration

Portrait of Rachel Cowan

Rachel Cowan

(650) 498-5538

Medical Director and Chief of Service for
Stanford Children’s Health

Portrait of Kim Hazard

Kim Hazard, MD

(650) 725-5189

Director of Anatomic Pathology

Portrait of Steven R. Long

Gerald Berry, MD

(650) 724-0583

Director of Clinical Pathology

Portrait of James Zehnder

James Zehnder, MD

(650) 723-9232

Director of Faculty Development and Diversity

Portrait of Teri Longacre

Teri Longacre, MD

(650) 498-6460

Chief of Pathology Service, PAVAHCS

Portrait of Kristin Jensen

Kristin Jensen, MD

(650) 493-5000

Leader of Research Committee

Portrait of Michael Cleary

Michael Cleary, MD

(650) 723-5471


Research Laboratory Service Coordinator

Portrait of Karen Kunkel

Karen Kunkel

(650) 725-8242

Associate Director, HR and Faculty Affairs

Portrait of Juiie Lloyd

Julie Lloyd

(650) 736-4193

Residency and Fellowship Programs Manager

Portrait of Olena Mykhaylichenko

Olena Mykhaylichenko