Multi-PI Dispute Policy

Department of Pathology

Revised September 12th, 2019

Multi-PI Dispute Resolution

If a potential conflict develops, the appropriate Departmental administrators representing the PIs shall meet and attempt in good faith to settle any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to the interpretation, performance or breach of this agreement. In the Department of Pathology at Stanford, this will start with independent faculty representatives from the department’s Research Committee, chaired by Prof. Michael Cleary.  Representatives will meet with the PIs individually, and then, after discussion as a committee, present guidance for dispute resolution.  However, if the research committee’s guidance fails to resolve the disagreement within thirty business days, the final dispute resolution will come from the department Chair, Prof. Tom Montine, using Research Committee guidance and another round of feedback from the PIs.  The PIs agree that the decision from the Department Chair will be final and binding.  If the MPIs are from two or more departments, the final decision will be made jointly by the chairs from each department involved.  If they cannot agree, then the dispute will be advanced to the Dean for final adjudication. 

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