Assistant Professor in Pathology Research Award


Assistant Professor in Pathology Research Award

Eligibility: Assistant Professors with a primary appointment in the Department of Pathology


  1. Present at the next research retreat
  2. Apply for external funding


Award Levels: Up to $100,000 total

Total Budget: $200,000

Review Committee: Research 


Application: up to 5 pages covering the following required topics:

  1. Hypothesis and specific aims
  2. Significance
  3. Innovation
  4. Approach
  5. Plan to lead to external funding

Budget: PHS 398 Form Page 4 and budget justification (up to 1 page)

  • Other support: list all other funding and describe any scientific overlap (up to one page)

Scoring: Based on NIH system

All materials for application should be sent to:

Sochietta Kao

Associate Director of HR & General Operations
Department of Pathology
300 Pasteur Drive, Room L235
Stanford, CA 94305

Telephone: [650] 724-4086


Submit by: September 30

Reviewed by: November 15

Activated:  December 1