Residency Programs


The Department of Pathology of Stanford University recruits and trains outstanding residents in the field of pathology.

All residents are Stanford Pathology team members. We are fully committed to their development as pathologists and provide a diversity of focused clinical learning opportunities such that they can become experts in the delivery of pathology services to patients and clinicians.

We provide a broad selection of academic opportunities to trainees with the goals of encouraging new advances and developing future academic leaders. Our goal is to prepare pathology residents in their training track of interest such that they are well-poised for the next stage in their career development. We are very proud of the long history of graduates from our program that continue to make outstanding contributions to clinical care, teaching and research.



Program Directors

Left to Right:

Niaz Banaei, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology & Medicine
(Infectious Diseases)

Kimberly Allison, MD
Professor of Pathology (Breast)

John Higgins, MD
Professor of Pathology (Renal)


Residency Program Coordinator

For all enquiries or for more information on our residency program please contact:

Gabby Barela

Residency Program Coordinator


Additional Information