Visiting Scholars Program

About the Visiting Scholars Program

The classification of Visiting (Visiting Scholar, Visiting Faculty, Visiting Postdoc, Visiting Instructor) is appropriate for faculty from other academic institutions who are invited to Stanford on an unpaid basis during a period of sabbatical at their home institution. In addition, this classification is appropriate for the appointment of qualified personnel from industry, government or other organizations, including retirees, who wish to visit Stanford on an unpaid basis, including those whose visit is under the auspices of an Industrial Affiliate Program or other collaborative agreement.

To apply you will need these supporting documents & information

To apply online

You will be asked to create a new account, once you create an account you will have the option of saving your application at any point in the process before submitting (you can return later to finish). During certain parts of the online application process you will be asked to upload some of your supporting documents in electronic format. Jpeg and pdf files are the acceptable preferred formats.

To avoid delays in processing, please complete the online form in its entirety. Please add N/A to questions that do not apply. If applicable, all documents must be translated into English - copies of the translated documents must accompany your application. Translations may not be completed by the applicant.

Important: Please reach out to your pathology faculty to initiate the request in the application link below. Any questions please contact Manruchi Gill, Faculty Affairs Administrator for the Department of Pathology.


Manruchi Gill
Faculty Affairs Administrator
(650) 725-6503