Jabber for School of Medicine Users

Why Use Jabber

The Jabber softphone lets you make and answering calls from your computer or mobile device as if you were using your Stanford desk phone.

Collaboration can happen from anywhere: on campus, off campus, or on the go. The Jabber softphone makes it possible to take your communications with you – answering calls and accessing phone features from your computer as if you were using your Stanford desk phone. And you don’t need to have cell phone service or a phone line to use the softphone on your PC, the only requirement is an internet connection.

Download the Jabber app to your smartphone and you can receive and manage calls placed to your Stanford desk phone on your smartphone. You can also make calls over your smartphone’s internet service. It works like this: although you initiate the call from your smartphone, the caller ID will show your Stanford desk phone number. You’ll have the convenience of using a single number that follows you wherever you go, and you won’t need to give out your personal mobile phone number.

Jabber Features

  • Softphone- Use your computer or mobile device as your Stanford phone to make and receive calls; forward incoming calls to your mobile number.
  • Stanford number - retain and use your Stanford number from any location without having an associated desk phone.
  • Contacts - Quickly search and find your colleague's Stanford phone numbers in Jabber using Stanford Who.
  • Presence - Set your availability; see when others are available to a call or chat.

Data Security

For Stanford University affiliates, Jabber is approved for Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data.

Get Started with Jabber Softphone

 To download Jabber for free, go to the Jabber Service Page.

Instant Messaging

Some units may be using Jabber for instant messaging; however, Stanford Slack provides the best instant messaging experience at Stanford and is the preferred tool. For two-way HIPAA-compliant messaging, Spok Mobile is the preferred tool. For Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health employees, Voalte is the preferred platform for HIPAA-compliant team communication, including HIPAA-compliant text messaging.