Scheduled Standard Reporting: Fixed Schedule

Scheduled Recurring Reports - Generated and Distributed  by TDS
Rpt # Name / Description Frequency
1 Roster of SoM staff, faculty, and students Weekly
2 Actual salary expenditures for faculty by account (PTA) Monthly
3 HAP - Housing Assistance Program - expenditures for faculty Monthly
4 EPS (Educational Program Services)-Supported faculty salary expenditures by PTA Monthly
5 Faculty Leave Referential Integrity report - approved leaves and actual leave account expenditures for active faculty Monthly
6 Faculty Appointment Referential Integrity report - appointment date inconsistencies Monthly
7 Fund Reserves Quarterly
8 Faculty Hires and Departures within a specified timeframe Biannual
9 Five year history of approved salaries for faculty by salary category (base, variable, supplement) Annual
10 Faculty Profile support - includes actual and approved salaries, research expenditures, demographic data, clinic rvus, and market data. Annual
11 Clinic Salaries and Bonuses - for faculty and staff paid from designated-clinical accounts. Annual
12 History of sponsored Research expenditures by PI and PTA - including faculty demographics Annual
13 Space Costing Model and Research Space Utilization reports with detail by PI Annual
14 Course Enrollments including student counts by program/plan and instructor demographics Annual
15 Active faculty IDs and email addresses with primary appointment department org for OPACS (conflict of interest) Annual
16 Summary of SoM and SHC space for Inter-entity Agreement support Annual

Please submit a Request a Consultation for the following

Requested Reports - Generated by TDS
Rpt # Name / Description Frequency
17 Faculty and Clinician Educator Terminations by department On Request
18 Students and SoM Faculty advisors with faculty demographics On Request
19 Building NASF - Two Year Comparison On Request

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ReportMart1 Reports
Folder Name Report Name / Number
Med Faculty Events Department Faculty Roster (PS_MED001)
  Faculty Appointments (PS_MED002)
  Individual Faculty Roster (PS_MED003)
  SoM Ad Hoc Reporting (PS_MED011)
School of Medicine DSS FIM Space by Room Type Category (PS_MED018)
  Space Inventory and Faculty (PS_MED015)
  Faculty Salary Letters (PS_MED016)
Med Admissions Med Admissions Summary Rep (PS_MED004)
Grad Admissions Biosciences Admissions Summary (PS_GRA008)
SR Med MD Candidates - Multiple Degree Programs (PS_MED006)
  Med Tuition Roster (PS_MED007)
  Medical Student Roster (PS_MED008)
  School of Med Clerkships (PS_MED009)
  SoM Graduating Students (PS_MED010)