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Reporting an Incident

Lost or stolen device -
Report it to the University Privacy Office.**
   Also report the loss to the police and to your Stanford manager.

• Report any other privacy incident to the Privacy Office

Security incident -
Report it to the TDS Service Desk, Security Office, or UIT Information Security Office


** Due to governmental reporting requirements, it is essential to notify the Privacy Office as soon as possible.

More about incidents

Lost Devices to Report:
laptop/desktop, mobile device, external storage device (USB drive, flash drive, camera memory card).

Other Privacy Incidents:
• Loss of paper/hard copy sensitive data
• Possible compromise of High Risk data
• A privacy complaint at any time when a patient, research participant, student, or client feels their privacy rights have been violated

Security Incidents:
• Attempts to gain unauthorized access to a system or data
• Unwanted disruption or denial of service
• Unauthorized use of a system to process or store data
• Changes to hardware, firmware, or software without the owner's knowledge or consent
• Known or suspected installation of malware, keylogger, or ransomware
• Compromised user account

I Have a Compliance Issue

Is one or more of your devices not reading as fully compliant with security policy? Click here to find out more about resolving a compliance issue.

New to Stanford?

Welcome! Get started on the right foot with Stanford Medicine data security. Here's what you need to know.

Leaving Stanford?

Here's how to tie up your information security loose ends before departing: a security to-do list for leaving Stanford.

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