Stanford Slack for School of Medicine Users

Why Use Slack?

Stanford Slack is the recommended chat and collaboration platform and is free for the School of Medicine community.

At Stanford, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. And Slack is a tool that can help us collaborate with each other, better.

Slack brings teams together in real-time. It can run on your desktop, the web, or your phone, and stays in sync when you switch from one to the other. 

You'll discover many ways to share information in Slack. You can direct message a colleague or set up a group chat. To chat with larger groups, you can a create private channels around a specific project or topic or send messages broadly in a department-wide channel. Files and links can be shared, too. Slack integrates with other software, so you can do your work in one interface. You'll be able to find historical information, since messages are retained and searchable.

Whether your team members work in the same location, or in different locations or time zones across the globe, Slack keeps everyone connected and aligned. 

Be a Slack(er)

Become a member of Stanford Slack. It's the enterprise version of Slack that gives teams within Stanford separate, but connected, workspaces across the university.

Join Slack and Find a Workspace

Find workspaces that are connected to your work. Direct message anyone with a Stanford Slack account. More 

If you're a first-time user, you'll need to create a Stanford Slack account. Once you have an account, review Slack's guide Getting Started to learn the basics, including how to send a direct message.

If you have a Stanford Slack account, you can find workspaces. Search for the School of Medicine workspace and request to join.

If you have a Stanford Slack account, you can access Slack from multiple devices.

If Slack has not been configured in your Two-Step authentication app, you can log in with a two-step backup code.


Get Help Creating New Workspace

If your group wants to collaborate on Slack, contact IRT's slack experts (you'll need to log in to access the form).  More We'll help you create a Slack workspace and design a structure that aligns with how your team works. We can also help you create a channel within a workspace or share a channel across two workspaces.


Migrate a Workspace to the Stanford Grid

If you're the owner of an existing workspace, migrate to Stanford Slack to get additional benefits and more easily collaborate with colleagues on the grid. 

Get More From Slack

You have the freedom to tweak Slack and expand your capabilities, so your team can do their best work every day.

Slack Integrations

With Slack integrations, you can streamline other tools you use —  such as Trello or Outlook —  into a single interface. This helps you automate certain tasks and do others more efficiently. Hundreds of integrations are available in the Slack App Directory

Slack's Guides

If you're using Slack, explore Slack's online guides to learn how to do more.

Need Slack Help?

IRT's Slack experts can consult with you about the best way to use the tool.

Data Security

Stanford Slack is great tool, but it's not approved for PHI or other High Risk data.

Slack in Action

Explore user stories to find out how your colleagues in the School of Medicine are using Slack.

Instant Messaging with PHI

For two-way HIPAA-compliant messaging, Spok Mobile is the preferred tool. For Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health employees, Voalte is the preferred platform for HIPAA-compliant team communication and text messaging.