Technology Collaboration Tools for the School of Medicine

Stanford provides the following tools to ease collaboration with your colleagues and vendors.

Instant Messaging (No PHI): Slack

Use Stanford Slack as your go-to instant messaging tool to communicate with university faculty, staff, and students if you're not sharing PHI.

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Instant Messaging with PHI: Spok Mobile

Spok Wireless is a third-party paging service carrier with California statewide coverage that delivers PHI compliant messaging.

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Video Conferencing:

Hold productive video conferences with Zoom, which provides the best video conference experience at Stanford. 

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File Sharing with PHI:
Stanford Medicine Box Drive

Use Stanford Medicine Box Drive to share files and collaborate on projects that involve PHI.

File Sharing (No PHI):
Google Team Drive

Share files and collaborate on projects that don't involve PHI using Google Team Drive.

Soft Phone:

Use your computer or mobile device as your phone with Jabber softphone.

Digital Signature-Adobe Sign

Digital signature software allows users to complete and sign forms electronically as an alternative to paper-based forms.

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