Provide support for departments and labs where gaps exist between support provided by TDS Field Support and support available from other services available on campus or from third parties. 

We provide support on a contract basis for servers and NAS devices that cannot be housed or supported by other groups. This is often due to age and configuration requirements for housing in their data centers but can also be for systems that are out of scope for TDS Service Desk and Field Support. We can manage devices in place if allowable by security policy or provide hosting in a data center for machines not specifically designed for data centers.  We also triage incoming requests for support that fall outside Field Support, helping the customer get in touch with the appropriate group.

What We Provide

            Paid support for SoM affiliated projects and people

  • Linux
  • Servers
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) - QNAP and Synology
  • Computers connected to instruments
  • FileMaker Server
  • Sherlock computation and Oak Storage facilitation
  • Backup
  • General consulting related to any of the above

Billing Model

  • Currently, monthy cost is based on a fraction of an FTE (salary and benefits). We are working toward an hourly fee.
  • Billing will be via PTA (Project - Task - Award)
  • Contracts are reviewed periodically

What we do not support

Services critical to patient care - no 24/7 support

Basic productivity hardware and software

  • Individual Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Cell Phones
  • Office
  • Printing
  • eMail

About us

            We are located at the School of Medicine Palo Alto Campus 

Steve Hisey

Infrastructure & Engineering Manager

Jason Wicks

System Administrator

Eric Alemany

System Administrator

Max Meloche

System Administrator

Examples of support contracts include.

NAS devices - Previously administered by previous local IT.

Linux Server - Allows mulitple users to run scientific software on a custom built workstation.

Linux Servers and NAS combination - Previously fell to Post-Docs to self administer.

Windows FileMaker Server VM - Replaced aging hardware supported by previous local IT

Windows Server - Aging system previously supported by someone who left Stanford.

Window and Linux computers (25+) - some of which are connected to instruments which used to be supported by local department IT.