Preparing to Leave Stanford

If you're leaving Stanford, of course you're returning any Stanford-owned equipment, but remember: you need to make sure that you leave behind all Stanford data as well.

If you've been using a Stanford-owned device, it must be turned into your supervisor, who may access or pass along the data used in the course of your work. The device and the data stored on it will remain encrypted. (You should take care to remove any personal data from your Stanford-owned device, for your own personal security; the tips below may help you find and erase your own data before turning in the device.)

If you've been using a personally-owned device, you must turn your Stanford data over to your supervisor, and then remove it from your device. It is absolutely essential that you take full personal responsibility and invest the time to thoroughly cleanse your personal computing devices prior to your departure. See below for a step-by-step process.