Infrastructure Services & Communications

The Infrastructure Services section provides a focal point for the framework for Stanford School of Medicine day-to-day operations.

The pages in this section include:

  • Desk & Mobile Phones explains how to set up a desk or cellular phone for voicemail, teleconferencing, Conference Call 6 and other phone functions.
  • Web Conference & Video outlines TDS's numerous video support services, and provides information about setting up and running Medmeeting, the School of Medicine's online conference solution.
  • Networking details the wired and wireless networks at the Stanford School of Medicine, and provides a wireless coverage map.
  • Information Security provides an overview of computer security measures at the SoM, and ways for you to keep your own information secure, including data encryption, VPN, and sending files and email securely.
  • Firewall provides information about the School of Medicine firewall and how to request access.
  • Server Management provides information on server hosting and administration.
  • Application & Database Management explains the application and database management support available through TDS.