Desk & Mobile Phones

Desk phones are supported by Stanford IT Services. The standard for new office phone service is Cisco VoIP. ITS and TDS are also transitioning virtually all existing School of Medicine phones over to VoIP, building by building; click here for more information about the transition to VoIP.

To set up a new phone, ITS has information and instructions for faculty and staff (student residences have their own separate phone service).

Stanford ITS also supports cellular phones for faculty and staff use. For information on purchasing and configuring mobile devices (including iPhones and iPads) specifically for use in the School of Medicine, please refer to our Mobile Devices page.

The following links include instructions on implementing the following features for your office phone:

  • Voice Mail: Standard voice is designed for one user, stores up to 100 messages, saves archived messages until you delete them, and allows you to create up to 15 group distribution lists of up to 25 mailboxes each.
  • Teleconferencing: The new Cisco VoIP Stanford telephone system includes a conference call feature for up to six people. Legacy phones can hold a three-person call on one line; with Conference Six, they can connect up to 6 people, and a conference bridge, at additional cost per call, facilitates larger conferences.
  • Conference Call 6: This feature allows you to teleconference up to six people (with the legacy Nortel Polycom and 1140E Desk Phones only).
  • Audio Conference Bridge ServiceThe School of Medicine provides a conference bridge service that will allow calls for up to 100 people. The cost for this service is $0.028/min/user. If you want an account, call the service desk at x58000.
  • Additional Phone Features: Stanford offers many additional phone features for your desk phone. The Cisco VoIP phone service has several features included. Nortel VoIP, Single-line TDM, and Multi-line TDM phones are no longer offered as new services, but ITS continues to support existing clients, and can still offer associated equipment and features.