Software Support

TDS offers software support for end-user computers running Apple MacOS X or Microsoft Windows. This includes the installation, basic configuration, and troubleshooting of the operating system, applications, and administrative tools, with the following caveat/support options:

For users in departments who have transitioned from departmental to TDS support, we provide computing support  both over the phone, and at the user’s site.  For all other School of Medicine users, we provide support over the phone at 5-8000.

For issues which aren’t readily solved via one of the above approaches, we will hand off the issue to our Desktop Support team (or departmental IT support staff for departments who have not transitioned to TDS-provided support). Additional information and explanation of the above is available on our How to Get Support page.

Currently, not all the Stanford tools work well with the latest versions of MacOS and Windows (MacOS 10.12 and Windows 10), To find out more information about these operating systems, visit:


Site Licensed Software

Stanford has many cost-effective means to obtain “site licensed software." Some software packages are available through ESS and others through the bookstore Campus Wide Agreement.


Essential Stanford Software (ESS)

Essential Stanford Software should be installed on your computer. Before you connect to the Stanford network, you will have to install this package of essential software that ensures you can connect to the network, keep your computer's operating system up to date, and protect your data from viruses and malware. ESS also provides information and downloads for other recommended software and utilities. To access resources from ESS, visit

For more information about software look at our Recommended Software page.