Guest Access

The only guest network access at the School of Medicine is via the “wireless guest” feature. TDS provides wireless network access to medical school campus visitors under the wireless network name (SSID) of: Stanford. However, there are a few key differences between the standard wireless network and the guest wireless network here on the medical school campus:

  1. Login name and password
  2. Services available on the network

Login Names and Passwords

The guest wireless network does not accept SUNet IDs and passwords. Special wireless guest logins must be used: someone with a SUNet ID must sponsor a guest by creating a temporary login.

Available Services

The guest wireless network is severely restricted as to what resources can be accessed from (and which services are available on) the network. Guests can expect to surf the web and receive email; without a SUNet ID, guests still cannot access Stanford-only websites.

Creating a Guest Wireless Login Name and Password

To create a guest wireless login you must have an active SUNet ID. Follow the directions at to add an account.