VoIP Deployment Schedule

Moving to Voice over IP (VoIP)

Below is a list of buildings to be transitioned, and a proposed deployment schedule. This schedule will be updated periodically, so be sure to check back often, for the most recent information.

School of Medicine Building *Proposed* Convergence Quarter
1215 Welch
MSLS Postponed due to fiber issue
Falk Spring 2013
Psych Summer 2013
CCSR Summer 2013
RAF 1 Summer 2013
Beckman Fall 2013
HRP Redwood Fall 2013
1050 Arastradero Fall 2013
1070 Arastradero Fall 2013
Hillview Winter 2013
801 Welch Winter 2013
770 Welch Winter 2013
700 Welch Winter 2013
750 Welch Spring 2014
900 Welch Done
1000 Welch Winter 2013
E. Pavillion Spring 2014
Alway Spring 2014
Fairchild Spring 2014
Lane Summer 2014
Edwards Summer 2014
Grant Summer 2014

Need Help?

If you're having a problem with your new VoIP phone, or if you have other issues pre- or post-deployment, please submit a HelpSU ticket to: helpsu.stanford.edu, or call the Help Line at 5-HELP.