Firewalls and the School of Medicine

The School of Medicine, in collaboration with University IT,  maintains firewalls to increase the security of your computer, and of the University, as well as to comply with federal and state requirements. The majority of  Stanford network have firewall rules that by default refuse all connections initiated from outside of Stanford University’s network. If different access rules are required in some cases, the School of Medicine Information Security group approves and configures access for School of Medicine departments and associates.

Important Firewall Caveat

In order to keep networks secure, we regularly review the current rules, devices, and usage:

If your computer has not been seen on the Stanford network for more than 90 days, the firewall rule for that IP address will be removed

If your IP address is not in NetDB, the firewall rule for that IP will be deleted

If a firewall rule has not been used in 90 days, the rule will be deleted.

If a rule needs to be reinstated, simply file a ServiceNow request again.