LEAP Program


Led by Associate Dean, Kevin Moody, this program offers employees at all levels an opportunity to develop foundational leadership skills.

As we are three years into offering LEAP, we are taking FY24 to pause and reflect on the program. In doing so, we hope to assess its value to our SoM staff and how we can build upon our current offering to drive its impact and value even further. We will announce any changes and the redesign launch towards the end of the fiscal year.

LEAP Goals

Through this course you will develop a range of skills from developing more self-awareness and asking for feedback to identifying your blind spots.

Hone your networking skills to access leaders and mentors throughout Stanford.  At the culmination of this course, you will be able to describe how concepts like influence, emotional intelligence, communication, self-awareness, and collaboration are integral to leadership.

How do I participate?

Step 1: Register for the course.

Step 2: Watch for enrollment instructions from the L&OD Team.

Step 3: After enrollment, you'll begin the course and $200 STAP will be charged.

Step 4: Finish the course by completing all activities and concluding self-attestation.

Step 5: Rejoice as you receive the LEAP Certificate and take the next step in your career.