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Consultations and Services

Partner with the Staff JEDI Team

Meeting with our team can improve JEDI in the workplace in many ways. 

Aligned with our team's mission, the Staff JEDI Team works locally with teams, offices, and departments across the School of Medicine to provide consultations, collective action planning, and services through a JEDI lens. 
Our services include strategic planning consultations, workshops, presentations, and advising. Our process involves meeting with partners to identify the critical needs, understand the current state, and offer practical, approachable solutions. When requesting a workshop or presentation with our team, we ask that you please contact us at least one month in advance.

To find out more, request an initial consultation today! To request a consultation, please click the button below or email us at

Selected Consultation and Workshop Topics

Below are some selected consultation and workshop topics. We are willing to adapt our services to your group's needs to enhance JEDI in your workspace. You can also review our JEDI Foundations presentation to learn more about critical JEDI concepts. 

JEDI-focused Strategic Planning

Navigating Oppressive Systems

Inclusive Management

Facilitation Practices & Training

Power Dynamics & Privilege

Compassion & Trust In Communities