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Offerings for Faculty and Staff

As an active employee, you and your dependents are eligible for comprehensive benefits including health and life, retirement savings, worklife and tuition programs, and a variety of other perks and rewards.

Our high-quality health care and life insurance options are as diverse as the Stanford workforce, and reflective of their needs.

Whether your retirement is decades away or just around the corner, it's never too early or too late to start saving.

The Stanford WorkLife Office delivers programs and services for every stage of life to help employees manage the competing demands of work, school, family and personal responsibilities.

Your compensation is more than just your pay. It includes your benefits, paid time off and a variety of other perks.

Paid time off is available so you may recharge your batteries, maintain your health or care for your family.

The University HR Service Team is available to answer your questions about Stanford’s benefits offerings and help you elect or change your benefits

Talent Development

Partners to design talent management and workforce planning strategies, programs and solutions

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