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Mission, Vision, & Values

HRG JEDI Team Mission & Vision


Leveraging both strategic and tactical means, we work to challenge dominant narratives and address inequities across the Stanford ecosystem. 

We provide consultations, collective action planning, and programs that center minoritized individuals and their experiences. We model our values and empower our community to thrive personally and professionally as their full selves.



We actively dismantle oppression and reimagine a just future that transforms workplaces and cultivates joy.


Message from Leadership

As leaders in Stanford University’s School of Medicine, we deeply value and embody the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) both professionally and personally. 

Our commitment is to embed JEDI into all that we do and to reach staff across the School of Medicine through effective HR policies, processes, and procedures. This requires continuous reflection on our individual and organizational actions  and dedication to reimagining how we collaborate and operate. We are determined to provide support to you, the School of Medicine staff community, and this website is one way we will communicate resources and progress. 

We are your co-conspirators.

In solidarity, 

Shaila Kotadia, 
Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Human Resources Group

Kevin Moody, 
Associate Dean, Human Resources Group

HRG JEDI Team Values

Our team values guide how we define our work, our processes, and our services. Our team values reflect our commitment to JEDI, and how we support community members growth in their understanding of JEDI and incorporation into their work.

Transparency & Trust

Transparency and trust are core to how we work. We cannot be effective leaders and JEDI practitioners unless we are open and honest about our work. Transparency and trust strengthen our relationships  by building accountability, dependability, and mutual understanding among community members and with each other. 

Exploration & Possibility

Exploration and possibility defines our process. We offer opportunities like consultations and workshops to redefine what is possible and explore ideas through compassionate inquiry. From compassionate inquiry, we co-create new, innovative solutions grounded in our values, purpose, and meaning. 

Influence & Advocate

Influence and advocate is how we lead. To center minoritized individuals, challenge dominant narratives, and address inequities, we use our power and privilege to amplify concerns to leaders as we champion for change that will positively impact our most vulnerable community members. 

Community & Belonging

Community and belonging are why we do our work. We work collaboratively with staff through collective action planning and offer opportunities, projects, and programs where staff members can connect with each other in spaces where they are treated with dignity and valued and accepted for who they are.

Resilience & Grace

Resilience and grace motivates us through challenges we experience. Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion is difficult when constantly operating in oppressive systems. As we remain dedicated to advancing JEDI, we extend respect, kindness, and grace to ourselves and others while withstanding,  recovering, and growing from difficult situations.

Transformation & Joy

Transformation and joy guide us and our work daily. We believe transformational shifts and culture change through JEDI is possible. Through cultivating joy and radically dreaming, we remain inspired, optimistic, and hopeful for the future.