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Staff JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion)

The Human Resources Group is in service to staff across the School of Medicine to build a more inclusive and equitable culture based on principles of justice.

As leaders in Stanford University’s School of Medicine, we deeply value and embody the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) both professionally and personally. 


JEDI Spotlight

The SoM HRG JEDI Team is on Twitter! Follow us @Somstaffjedi

The eleventh annual Assistive Technology Faire is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th. It will provide students and community members an opportunity to get an up-close look at various assistive technology devices and learn about available services. For more information and to register, contact David L Jaffe at

Stanford Medicine Council on Community Safety and Accountability - As part of Stanford Medicine's dedication to a safe learning and work environment that is free from sexual violence, harassment, discrimination, and retribution, we are launching a formal and impartial review of our practices. The review will be conducted by a subgroup of the Stanford Medicine Commission on Justice and Equity along with additional community members to form CCSA. Townhall in February.

Congratulations to the Commission on Justice & Equity for receiving a 2022 Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) Star Award! This honor recognizes individuals and teams from the Stanford Medicine community who, through their extraordinary efforts, embody the strategic priorities of the ISP.

Inclusion, Diversity and Health Equity has launched learning resources – including articles, videos and a huddle sheet – to support individuals and teams as they engage in conversations and take positive action to help cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion within the Stanford Medicine community.

Events honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Stanford will host several events celebrating the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., including a documentary film festival, an interreligious symposium, a worship service, and more. There are also several events happening around the Bay Area. 

Tomás Jiménez and Brian Lowery will lead Stanford’s new Institute on Race. This institute will seek real-world solutions to racial injustice by fostering new research and partnerships, as well as leverage existing efforts on campus, focused on race, ethnicity, and society. 

Stanford Medicine's "An Evening of Queer Joy" (formerly known as the LGBTQ+ Forum) centers the intersectional queer experience on the full spectrum of pain to joy by creating immersive community spaces, opportunities for authentic expression, and an environment of reflective learning. View the event recording on YouTube.

Carolyn Bertozzi, professor of Chemistry and (by courtesy) Radiology and Chemical and Systems Biology wins Nobel in chemistry. Dr. Bertozzi is an advocate for diversity, particularly for LGBTQ+ people. Learn more here