BetterUp Coaching

Stanford wants every member of staff to feel like they can learn and grow, make an impact, and feel connected in their current role. Stanford School of Medicine HRG JEDI is investing in staff, specifically, those wearing a DEI practitioner/volunteer hat, to recognize them for and enable their work, invest in their personal and professional growth, and increase resilience and retention.

Research identifies coaching as having a high impact on building leadership and professional skills, wellness, and resilience. Our BetterUp coaching program is specifically designed for School of Medicine Staff invested in JEDI, including as a practitioner, and aligns to the Stanford Medicine Commission on Justice and Equity recommendations.

This program runs annually from late January - September, with 6 months of coaching access. This is an application-based program, and the application opens in the fall quarter. We allow participants to join a maximum of two cohorts.

For more information about coaching and BetterUp review the resources provided


I love my professional coaching experience with BetterUP. My coach helped me unpack my imposter syndrome working at Stanford, especially at the time of being promoted to a director position from a research coordinator with less than two years on the team. I was struggling with being the only Black person on the team and being in an executive position. I also was insecure about advocating for more health equity content to be included in the content I developed at my job. My coach empowered me to feel confident in my qualifications and experience. Truthfully, my BetterUP experience was a game-changer in my professional career.

-  Juanita T Greene, Director of Curriculum Development

A platform allows for possibilities, the rest is a bit of luck and a bit of elbow grease. I found a personal coach who could not have been more perfect for me - I lucked in. She made the elbow grease fun. For me, coaching was new, BetterUp was new, Stanford giving me the opportunity was new. My gratitude that everything lined up when I really needed it the most and it changed my life.

- Somalee Datta
Director of Research IT

I really appreciated having the ability to work with both a personal coach, who I met with weekly, and specialist coaches on subjects such as DEI and Presentation Skills. I feel like this platform gave me so many wonderful insights about how to maximize the potential of my role and how to feel more comfortable with the challenges I was taking on. I'm very grateful to have been a part of this program!

- Adrienne Mueller, PhD
Associate Director of Scientific            Education and Outreach
Stanford Cardiovascular Institute