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Purpose Statement

The HR Services team partners with hiring managers and staff within the Dean’s Central Units to provide guidance, resources and support in a broad spectrum of human resources matters. Areas of support include recruitment, hiring, onboarding, organizational and behavioral change, employee relations, performance management, training and development, salary-setting, personnel file management and workers compensation and leave management.  Through building strong relationships we strive to provide excellence in service to our clients. Our goal is to work with you to attract and retain top talent.

Contact Us

Rovina Suri - Directing Business Partner


(650) 723-5277

Tina Shinya - HR Manager


(650) 736-0721

Christopher Jung - HR Assistant


(650) 721-1859

Roxane Meade - HR Manager


(650) 498-4308

Anna Poteete - Employment Specialist


(650) 497 -7556

Vivian Benkowski - HR Manager


(650) 721-8764