Inclusive Leadership Discussion Series (ILDS)

The Inclusive Leadership Discussion Series (ILDS) is a cohort- and discussion-based program to support School of Medicine leaders in their ongoing reflection of inclusive leadership principles. This program utilizes dialogue to explore, engage, and better leverage inclusive leadership at Stanford School of Medicine. Currently, cohorts are on an invitation basis and may be an open application in the future.

Program Objectives

Participants engage in a number of activities and discussion topics to more deeply reflect on their personal leadership path, explore and put into practice inclusive leadership principles and scenarios, and how best to collectively work together to advance more inclusive spaces.

The overall objectives of ILDS are:

1) Reflect on personal experiences around leadership and JEDI,

2) Learn and apply frameworks on inclusive leadership,

3) Plan for collaboration and action planning for a more inclusive culture at Stanford Medicine, and

4) Cultivate a community and network of inclusive leaders for ongoing practices

Program Sessions

The ILDS program is a four-part series with an orientation and closing. Each session delves deep into the topic area to allow for active participation, discussion, storytelling, and reflection. Sessions are 75 minutes long.

  • Orientation
  • Session 1: Exploring Personal Journey to Leadership
  • Session 2: Interrogating Inclusive Leadership
  • Session 3: Inclusive Leadership in Action
  • Session 4: Harnessing Collective Impact and Shared Responsibility
  • Closing