Teaching and Mentoring Academy Office Hours

Teaching and Mentoring Academy Office Hours

The Teaching and Mentoring Academy is excited to offer consulting services for faculty, residents, post-docs, students and others working on education innovation and research projects. Schedule a session for guidance or brainstorming on project planning, implementation, evaluation, or dissemination.

Potential topics include: 

  1. Grant Writing (e.g. content editing, crafting a compelling argument)

  2. Project Planning (e.g. timelines, recruitment plans, stakeholder communication)

  3. Curriculum Development (e.g. material design, integration of interactive elements)

  4. Evaluation (e.g. survey/focus group design)

  5. Scholarship (e.g. research design, journal selection, writing for publication)

  6. Resources (e.g, promotion platforms, networking opportunities)

  7. Other topics for which you require support

Office Hours are intended for faculty, residents, post-docs, students and staff affiliated with the Stanford School of Medicine. Priority will be given to those designing or implementing innovation and research projects related to education, teaching, and/or mentoring.

Alicia DiGiammarino

All sessions will be with the Teaching and Mentoring Academy’s Associate Director for Evaluation and Scholarship, Alicia DiGiammarino. Alicia completed three years of medical school in good standing before transitioning out to pursue her passion for health professions education. She has a Masters in Behavioral Health, and 10 years of experience consulting on and executing curriculum development projects, grant applications, and education research. As a trained health coach, she supports clients by collaboratively building on the ideas they bring forward and providing an accountability partner as needed.


"Alicia is a talented, knowledgeable, and effective educational professional. The time I spent with her in consultation was tremendously valuable and high yield. I am so glad I learned about her and what she offers us as faculty."

"Alicia was absolutely incredible in helping me navigate this essential component of planning my project, going above and beyond and providing incredible insight. While she absolutely didn't have to, Alicia reached out before our scheduled office hours to ask for additional information about my needs. She then proceeded to curate a list of high-yield resources that have already broadened my knowledge. Alicia researched information and resources relevant to my project and came to our meeting with a lot of specific, actionable suggestions and recommendations that have a transformative impact on the trajectory of my project."

Please contact Alicia DiGiammarino (adigiamm@stanford.edu) if you have any questions.