Honors Scholars Certificate Program

The Clinical Teaching Seminar Series Program 2023 - 2024 Honors Scholars Certificate Program

The Honors Scholars Certificate Program Application is Now Closed

Applications for next year will open Summer 2024

This program is open to those at Stanford University only. 


The Honors Scholars Certificate Program in medical education is meant to recognize participants with a dedication to medical education, who regularly attend the seminars and complete a scholarly project. The Honors Program is a multi-disciplinary program open to all medical students, residents, fellows, staff, and faculty with an interest in medical education. 

Honors Scholars Application Requirements

Please submit the following in our application. The link for the application is at the top of this page and on the side.

Project Statement/Proposal
The Project Statement/Proposal should be no more than ONE double-spaced page, and include the following topics:

  • Describe your Honors Project in as much detail as possible.  
  • Who is the target population for the curriculum or research (such as UME, GME, faculty, inter-professional)?  
  • Is the project research scholarship, curriculum development, or a needs assessment? 
  • What is your research question and/or hypotheses (if applicable), what data have you collected or do you intend to collect, and how will you analyze your data and disseminate the findings?

Current CV or Educator's Portfolio
Please provide a current CV or educator's portfolio highlighting your education and experience in medical education, research experience, scholarly publications or presentations, and teaching and mentoring experiences. 

Chief/Program Director/Advisor/Supervisor Endorsement

All applications require an endorsement by the department chair, division chief, fellowship direct, program director, advisor, or supervisor.  This form is to ensure that you will be given the necessary support and sufficient time to complete the requirements for the Honors Certificate Program.  Have your chief/director/advisor/supervisor read, pledge support, and sign.  The form can be found below:

Honors Scholar Requirements

After submission and acceptance of the Honors Scholar application, requirements for attaining a honors certificate are:

  1. Attend at least 7 seminars within one year (or 10 seminars if completing the program over two years)

  2. Complete a scholarly project in medical education.  Scholarly projects can be one of the following:
    1. Curricular development (the curriculum must be implemented with evaluation data available)
    2. Research in medical education (data)
    3. A rigorous needs assessment (again with initial survey data)
    4. A systematic review

  3. Present the scholarly project at one of the following:
    1. Stanford Innovations in Medical Education Conference (SIMEC IX) on Saturday, October 19, 2024
    2. The last SHAPES session will be early June 2024

Stanford Health Professions Education and Scholarship Program Seminars

Seminars are held from 5:15-6:45pm PDT, usually on the 1st Wednesday of the month.
First seminar of the year is September 7th, 2022 at 5:15pm (via Zoom).  This will be a 90 minute introduction to Curriculum Development with intermittent small group breakouts with CTSS leadership and mentors.  This is intended to get your projects chosen and/or started. The schedule can be found here.

Honors Certificate in Medical Education Oversight Committee:

Rebecca Blankenburg, MD, MPH, Sylvia Bereknyei-Merrell DrPH, MS, Kiran Brar, MS, Marianne Chen, MD, Adam Hain, DET, MAEd, James Korndorffer, MD, MHPE, FACS, Lars Osterberg, MD MPH, Stefanie Sebok-Syer, PhD, Malathi Srinivasan, MD, FACP, Pedro Tanaka, MD, PhD, Sarah Williams MD, MHPE

If you are have any questions, please email Claire Medina (cemedina@stanford.edu)

Please contact Claire Medina via email 
(cemedina@stanford.edu) if you have any questions.