The Teaching and Mentoring Academy Annual Conference

Each year, the Teaching and Mentoring Academy offers a day-long conference focused on skills and scholarship for effective teaching and mentoring. The conference is offered in collaboration with other Stanford University and Stanford Medicine entities. See below for past and upcoming conference information. 

2022 - 2023

6th Annual Medical & Bioscience Education Day Conerence / SIMEC VIII

Saturday, May 13th
8:00am - 4:00pm

Creating Positive Learning Climates

View the 2022-2023 speaker schedule here

2021 - 2022

5th Annual Medical & Bioscience Education Day Conference / SIMEC VII

Saturday, May 21st
8:00am - 4:30pm

Rebuilding Our MedEd Community: A Booster for Renewal, Reassessment & Re-engagement

2019 - 2020

4th Annual Medical & Bioscience Education Day/SIMEC V

October 3, 2020

via Zoom

Teaching Matters: Collaborating, Belonging, Inspiring

View 2019-2020 speakers and schedule here.


2018 - 2019

3rd Annual Medical & Bioscience Education Day/SIMEC IV

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Innovation  *  Celebration  *  Community

View 2018-2019 speakers and schedule here.


2017 - 2018

Bioscience and Medical Education @Stanford

The Joy of Teaching and Mentoring

View 2017-2018 speakers and schedule here.

2016 - 2017

Education Day

Creating Community: Teaching and Mentoring in Medicine and the Biosciences

Hosted in collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics

View 2016-2017 speakers and schedule here.

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