Steering Committee


The Stanford Medicine Teaching and Mentoring Academy Steering Committee consists of both voting and non-voting (ex officio) members representing a balanced and broad range of viewpoints and experiences within the School of Medicine.

The Steering Committee sets and reviews the general direction of the Academy, ensuring the Academy is well integrated with other resources on campus. The Steering Committee convenes on a regular basis to guide the development and fulfillment of the Academy’s mission. Additionally, the Steering Committee reports to and is accountable to the Faculty Co-Directors of the Academy and carries out its responsibilities in collaboration with the academic leadership of the Stanford University School of Medicine.


Voting Members of the Steering Committee

Linda Boxer Vice Dean of the School of Medicine (or designee)
MaryAnn Campion Clinical Associate Professor, Genetics
Sharon Chen Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases
Gilbert Chu Professor of Medicine (Oncology) & Biochemistry
Cara Liebert Clinical Instructor (Afiliated), General Surgery
Payam Massaband Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiology
Denise Monack Professor, Microbiology & Immunology
Lars Osterberg Faculty Co-Director of Teaching and Mentoring Academy 
Rita Popat Clinical Associate Professor, Health Research and Policy--Epidemiology
Amelia Sattler Clinical Professor of Medicine - General Medical Disciplines,
Sumit Shah Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine
Gavin Sherlock Faculty Co-Director of Teaching and Mentoring Academy 
Sandy  Srinivas Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

Ex-Officio Members of the Steering Committee

Preetha Basaviah Assistant Dean of Preclerkship Education (or designee) 
Raina Sanford Vice Dean of the School of Medicine (or designee)
Neil Gesundheit Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Laurence Katznelson Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education (or designee) 
Sofie Kleppner Assistant Dean of Postdoctoral Affairs
Tracy Rydel Assistant Dean of Clerkship Education (or designee)
Cassandra Horii Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
Aviva Mattingly School of Medicine Student Representative
Yvonne  Maldanado Sr. Associate Dean of Faculty Development & Diversity (or designee)
Christine Schirmer Administrative Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy
Emily Sontag School of Medicine Postdoctoral Scholar Representative
Latishya Steele Assistant Director, Biosciences Program and Curriculum
Sheri Krams Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education & Postdoctoral Affairs
Paige Stevens School of Medicine Fellow Representative
Elizabeth Nguyen School of Medicine Resident Representative