Mentoring Skills Workshop Series

Mentoring Skills Workshops

The Mentoring Skills workshops are designed to enhance participants effectiveness in mentoring students. Designed as a three-part series, each session introduces new content while building on the previous session's learnings to support participants' development as mentors.

Mentoring Skills Workshop Series Topics:

Introduction to Mentoring and Giving Feedback
Learning Objectives: Be aware of the characteristics of a good mentor; know the responsibilities of a mentor; know the responsibilities of a mentee; understand the principles of giving feedback; be able to apply a model of feedback in a mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Across Generations and Giving Challenging Feedback
Learning Objectives: Name strategies to effectively mentor across generations; demonstrate effective communication skills for building the relationship with your mentee.

Emotional Intelligence & Resolving Challenges
Learning Objectives: Name and describe the four components of Emotional Intelligence; apply effective techniques to resolve communication challenges; illustrate methods for mentees to receive the most benefit from the mentoring relationship.

Relationship Management, Communication & Resolving Challenges
Learning Objectives: Summarize effective communication techniques; demonstrate effective communication skills for building the relationship with your mentee; distinguish between the different communication styles.

Dates for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Upcoming dates TBA. Session expected to take place in February or March 2025.

Workshop Facilitators

Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH
Faculty Co-Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy

Christine Schirmer, EdD
Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy