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The Stanford Medicine Teaching and Mentoring Academy is designed to match our educators and mentors with the offerings they need, as well as to build bridges between our faculty, leveraging existing strengths and empowering collaboration.

Facilitating the skills development of our educators and mentors is a core part of the Academy’s mission, and we strive to deliver several programs that will accomplish this.  These include training programs in pedagogy, a Junior Faculty Teaching and Mentoring Bootcamp, Peer Coaching Program on Teaching and Mentoring, and consultation on curricular development, mentoring, and scholarship.

In order to reward and acknowledge excellence and innovation in teaching and mentoring, we have established the Academy Innovation Grants program, an Annual Stanford Medicine Education and Recognition Day, and acknowledgment of outstanding educators by chairs, senior leaders, and displays within the School of Medicine. Altogether, the Academy strives to positively transform the culture of teaching and mentoring at the School of Medicine and enhance our faculty’s excitement, skill, and passion for education and mentoring. 

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