Mastering Medical Teaching Cohort Experience

The 2023 - 2024 MMT Cohort


Looking to improve your teaching skills? Seeking a community of colleagues? The Mastering Medical Teaching Cohort may be exactly what you need!

The Mastering Medical Teaching Cohort is a community of educators who work together through the online course, Mastering Medical Teaching. With this course, developed by the Stanford Faculty Development Center for Medical Teachers (Kelley Skeff and Georgette Stratos), you will be able to establish a positive learning environment to reach a broad range of learners, in different settings, on different subject topics. In addition, you will work closely with a group of colleagues supporting each other as you practice applying each lesson to your own teaching and reflect on your experiences and refine your skills as you go.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and analyze behaviors used in teaching interactions
  • Apply the 7 key concepts of the educational framework to promote effective teaching
  • Formulate a personal plan to apply your skills to the real world and improve your teaching methods

Cohort Goals

  • Create a learning community of medical educators to support each other through the course and beyond
  • Develop a cadre of trained medical educators who can contribute to training of faculty in this area across the school
  • Provide participants with a sense of community and support to incentivize investment in their own and their colleagues' development as skilled teachers


The online course is presented in 9 modules and is estimated to take a total of 12 hours to complete. In this cohort, you will work on one module per month. Normally offered to individuals for a fee, the TMA offers this course free of charge to 18 faculty who work together as a cohort over the course of the academic year, with sessions scheduled once per month from October through June. This program is offered to clinical faculty teaching in any context in the School of Medicine. Total time commitment is estimated to be 22 hours over the year, or about 2 hours per month.


Nine (9) one hour-long sessions, 1 hr per month:

  • October—Session 1: Introduction to Framework
  • November—Session 2: Learning Climate
  • December—Session 3: Control of Session
  • January—Session 4: Communication of Goals
  • February—Session 5: Q & A with Kelley Skeff
  • March—Session 6: Promoting Understanding & Retention
  • April—Session 7: Evaluation
  • May—Session 8: Feedback
  • June—Session 9: Promoting Self-Directed Learning & Q & A with Kelley Skeff

Session Format

  • Whole group and small group discussion/activities
  • Review of key module learning points
  • Incorporation of worksheets & reflections from module into session activities
  • Discussion of individual experiences and troubleshooting teaching experiences
  • Setting short-term goals (for period between each session)

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Application for AY24 MMT Cohort Opens: Currently Closed

AY24 MMT Cohort Timeline: Starts late October through June

Application for AY25 MMT Cohort Opens: Summer 2024