Stanford School of Medicine Financial Aid

Stanford School of Medicine recognizes that rising medical school costs broadly and the Bay Area’s high cost of living challenge recruitment, particularly of students with fewer resources. Stanford has long been a leader in addressing medical school debt, and Stanford MD students have historically had one of the lowest graduating student debt averages among our peer institutions and nationally. We remain committed to bringing a Stanford Medical School education within reach for students from mid to low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Starting in academic year 2024-2025, Stanford Medicine will introduce several changes to its Financial Aid programs. The changes to the Financial Aid program will allow Stanford School of Medicine to continue its generous financial program within current philanthropic resources for the foreseeable future.


The changes to our financial aid structure reflect our efforts to:

  • Remain a preferred learning destination for a diverse group of future biomedical leaders.
  • Recruit the best possible students.
  • Ensure that students with the most need are funded.
  • Offer financial aid programs that are competitive or superior to our peers.

Who’s Impacted?

Stanford School of Medicine will honor the financial aid program offered to each class upon their matriculation and the restructured program will begin for those students matriculating in fall 2024.

Applying for Financial Aid

Debt Management

Financial Aid Policies

Section 7.1 of the MD Handbook

Sources of Funding

Important Dates


Financial Aid Forms

External Resources

Contact Us

  • Hallen Chung
  • Assistant Dean for MD Financial Aid
  • Abera Metaferia
  • Financial Aid Counselor
  • (650) 724-3181
  • Lawson Roberts
  • Associate Director of Financial Aid
  • (650) 723-6475
  • For general questions:
  • Write to us at: Financial Aid Office, 1265 Welch Road, MSOB, Suite 100, Stanford, CA 94305-5404

updated March 2024