Stanford Student Guidance Program (SGP)

The goal of the SGP is to help medical students to become proficient graduates and excellent physicians through coordinating and integrating efforts for student learning and coaching. The SGP will provide students with an assessment of their needs in collaboration with other faculty (E4C, Advising Dean, course faculty), followed by recommended interventions and an evaluation plan. The SGP will support medical students in the areas of medical knowledge, clinical skills, and/or professional development. This support will be carried out in a supportive, affirming, individualized and comprehensive manner through positive coaching and guidance. 

Who We Are

Danit Ariel, MD MS

Director of Student Guidance (DSG)

Lisa Cedeño, MS

Clinical Skills Development Coordinator

Student Guidance Advisory Committee (SGAC)

Pree Basaviah, MD; Neil Gesundheit, MD, MPH; Cynthia Irvine, M.Ed.; Noelle Johnstone, MD; Susan Knox, MD, PhD; John Kugler, MD; Jim Lau, MD, MHPE; Fernando Mendoza, MD; Andrew Nevins, MD; Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH; Don Regula, MD; Rebecca Smith-Coggins, MD; and PJ Utz, MD (advisory role)

Clinical Teaching Coaches

SGP Clinical Coaching experiences are designed to be supportive, affirming, and focused on promoting student success. The Clinical Teaching Coaches will have the opportunity to coach and mentor students with predefined objectives determined in advance by collaboration between the student, the Director of Student Guidance (DSG), the student’s E4C faculty and Advising Dean. Clinical Teaching Coaches will help with implementing the individualized educational plan. The duration of the coaching relationship will vary depending on individual student’s needs. No grade will be associated with the coaching sessions, and all feedback will remain confidential.

Clinical Teaching Coaches should be enthusiastic and invested in helping guide students to success.

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Danit Ariel, MD MS ( and Lisa Rodas, MS (  

Quick Links

Self Assessment Tool:

Common Contributors to Academic Difficulty (modified from framework created by Henry H. Lamberton, PsyD and Loretta B. Johns, PhD; Loma Linda University School of Medicine)

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