3.11: Medical Health Requirements and Immunizations

Medical Health Requirements

All matriculated Stanford students must complete the Entrance Health Requirements at their own expense. These requirements are established and monitored by Vaden Student Health Center.

Annual Tests and Immunizations

The following immunizations are required of each MD student ANNUALLY (even if the student is also pursuing another degree such as an MPH, MS, MBA or PhD).

  • Tuberculosis (TB): Student may choose to have either a PPD test (requires a return visit to have the test result read) or Quantiferon.
  • Influenza:  All MD students must be immunized against influenza.

Immunizations can be performed at the following location:

Vaden Student Health Center
866 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-8580
(650) 498-2336

Additional tests or immunizations required by specific clerkships require a note of explanation from the requiring Clerkship Director. The note should be presented to either Vaden or OHC before the test or immunization is received.

Annual immunizations required by the School of Medicine and its clerkships are performed at the School of Medicine’s expense. The School of Medicine does not provide funding for immunizations required by residency programs.

If a student is not in compliance with required immunizations and annual testing, an enrollment hold will be placed on the student’s account preventing enrollment. The hold will be released once the student is in compliance with the required immunizations and annual testing.

COVID Vaccination Requirement

Beginning AY2021-22, all faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars as well as undergraduate, graduate and professional students coming to campus will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. For additional information on this requirement, please refer to the Stanford Student COVID Vaccination FAQ.

updated August 2022