Center for Medical Student Career Advising

Specialty Career Advisors are faculty who have volunteered to be primary contact physicians who can help guide you through specialty selection and the residency application process.

The goal of this initiative is to provide students with a variety of resources – some new and some already in place for student advising – under one Center, to enhance the process, disseminate information about career choices and the residency application process, and to ensure that the student is provided with accurate and consistent guidance.

The Specialty Career Advisor will be familiar with the residency selection criteria required for matching in their respective field. They will assist students with decisions about applying to particular programs and doing visiting electives.

Among the many areas of guidance that Specialty Career Advisors can provide are assisting senior medical students with their personal statements and overall portfolios to maximize their chances of matching in that particular specialty. After interviews, they will be available to advise about a student’s Rank Order list for the residency match.

Meet your Specialty Career Advisors: