5.3: Exam Policy for Required MD Pre-Clerkship Courses

Per the Stanford University Honor Code faculty can determine the best exam environment for their tests and make any requirements they see fit with regard to how students take the exam.

To uphold the spirit of the University’s Honor Code and to create consistency across courses in the pre-clerkship curriculum, the Office of Medical Education provides the following guidelines for closed-book examination environments in our required MD courses:

  • Students will complete exams in the rooms assigned by the course.
  • Exams are non-collaborative and, unless otherwise noted by course faculty, closed book.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated by the course director, use of any electronic device to access other resources, including (but not limited to) the internet, your notes, and your colleagues, is expressly forbidden and constitutes a violation of the Stanford Honor Code.
  • The use of personal listening devices is expressly forbidden in the exam setting.
  • Students with disabilities or other special needs for which they may need accommodations should notify the Dean of the Office of Medical Student Affairs and the Office of Accessible Education well in advance to receive appropriate accommodation for exams. Once students receive an official accommodations letter, they must let the School of Medicine Education Specialist and their course directors know of their accommodations request no later than the end of the second week of the quarter every quarter in which they are requesting accommodations.
  • Please see Section 3.12 Policies and Resources for Mobile Devices for more information about BYOD policies governing final exams.

updated August 2022