3.29: Dual Degrees

Stanford medical students may apply to and matriculate in other Stanford degree programs while pursuing the MD degree. Each degree program has its own deadlines and application procedures, so students should check with potential degree programs to apply on time through the appropriate admissions process.

Students must be in good academic standing to pursue an additional degree in addition to the MD degree. Good academic standing requires having no outstanding deficiencies. If a student does have deficiencies, CP3 approval is required to enroll in an additional degree program, and the student must have a plan in place with the course director to remediate the deficiency. Good academic standing also requires that students have taken or plan to take Step 1 by the required deadline, which is within 12 months of the start of their first clinical clerkship.

Students applying to other degree programs should consult with their Academic Advising Dean. Advising Dean approval is required to matriculate in another degree program, and if the student is not in good academic standing as described above, CP3 approval is also required.

For Stanford Masters’ and PhD degrees, once the student is admitted they typically add the new program through the Graduate Program Authorization Petition. For the Stanford MBA, the Graduate School of Business has its own admissions application.

Stanford MD students may request approval to enroll in a concurrent degree program at another college or university through the Dual Degree Authorization Form. If the proposal is approved, students must apply for a formal leave of absence in the quarters of enrollment at the other institution. Students are prohibited from enrolling in courses towards the degree at Stanford and another institution during the same academic quarter.

For all new degree programs, Academic Advising Dean approval is required in order for the Graduate Program Authorization Petition, GSB application, or Leave of Absence to be approved by the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office. Students should submit a Dual Degree Authorization Form to request approval to matriculate in another degree program.

Additionally, for all Stanford dual degrees, the Tuition Agreement for Students with Multiple Programs (TAGM) form must be submitted at the time of matriculation in the new degree program. For more information see Joint and Dual Degrees Tuition and School of Medicine Registrar’s Office Dual Degrees.

updated August 2022